roast beef fillet with grainy mustard new potato salad & greens (box of 10 portions)

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A delicious roast beef fillet salad with grainy mustard new potato salad. This salad is currently only available as a large sharing box for 10 or more people.

Our beef is Aberdeen Angus cross (usually Charolaise) reared near the Ayrshire coast in Scotland. It is handpicked from a selection of farms to meet our exacting standards which include a high marbling content and good fat covering. The cattle are outside on the grass for most of the year and indoors in spacious barns during the harsher winter months with straw bedding. When they are indoors they are fed on home-grown haylage.

beef fillet * new potatoes * grainy mustard * green beans * broccoli * rocket * olive oil * salt & pepper
contains mustard
This salad arrives ready to eat and is best eaten same day. If you aren't eating straight away, we recommend storing in a fridge below 5°c. 
Whatever we do we always work with the environment in mind. All our meals can be delivered in either individual boxes (one per person) or larger sharing boxes (one big box of each product for people to help themselves to). Our individual salad box and sharing salad box for two people are both made from sugarcane bagasse and the lids from PLA, both are fully compostable. Our larger sharing boxes are made from sustainably sourced board with PLA window and are also fully compostable.