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Charcuterie Board With Selection Of British & Italian Artisan Cold Cuts

A selection of English and Italian charcuterie with caperberries and cornichons.
Oxsprings Air Dried Ham
Alex Oxspring says the secret to his ham is British pork, sea salt and time. But there is one other important ingredient – the fabulously clean air of the Vale of Evesham where his smallholding is based. This is essential for air drying the hams for at least eight months in specially designed curing stores, where the temperature and humidity is closely controlled. After curing, the legs are lightly oak smoked to subtly emphasise their flavour. Britain’s only air-dried ham specialist for over 10 years, Alex has truly perfected the process meaning his hams are favoured by chefs and retailers, especially because no nitrates are used in their production.
Suffolk Salami
Woodbridge-based Lane Farm has been at the forefront of British cured meats for more than 10 years after owners Ian and Sue Whitehead fell in love with salami during a family holiday to Italy. Taking inspiration from their trip and using pork from their own high-welfare, outdoor-bred pigs, the couple created their own salami with locally grown herbs such as rosemary and fennel. More recently they have taken inspiration from Spain to develop Iberian classics such as chorizo, made with La Chinata and Santo Domingo DOP paprikas, before being gently smoked over oak and beech chippings.
Cobble Lane Saucisson
Located on Cobble Lane in Islington, North London, this passionate band of butchers bangs the drum for the high welfare standards and quality of British meat. The company sources free range and rare-breed pork directly from well-respected farms such as Anna’s Happy Trotters and Swaledale Foods in Yorkshire, and has developed a range of products that take inspiration from Europe, but have their own British identity.
Ready to eat in a sharing box made from sustainably sourced paperboard with plant-based PLA window, certified 100% compostable. If you aren't eating straight away, we recommend storing in a fridge below 5°c.