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Healthy Eating with Potage & Interview with Georgia 2015


"So firstly I want to thank author of many a wonderful book and an excellent cook too. I met her for a cup of (mint) tea a few weeks back, explaining my ambition to run a half marathon as I approached by 40th birthday, but also that I was running ragged between two young, demanding children and a job where I have to work every evening when the kids have gone to bed. I told her I survived (badly) on coffee and chocolate and I didn’t have the energy to cook a proper meal for myself or my husband in the evening. ‘Right,’ she said. ‘Call Potage immediately and have them deliver your supper for a week. You will feel the difference and not have to think about cooking at all.’

So I did just that and what a treat. Not to have to shop or even think about supper for seven nights was a serious blessing. It also stopped me grazing so much and just eating anything that was in the fridge (or the children’s tuck box!). Potage was started by Georgia Cummings in 2012 and delivers home cooked pots of delicious grub (just like mamma – not mine, I hasten to add – used to make right) direct to your door. The recipes are based on seasonal ingredients where appropriate and you just click on the website and there are nine choices available for that day i.e. today’s menu features spring minestrone with Tuscan bean and garden pesto; organic spring lamb stew; organic chicken laksa with spring onion and fresh coriander or mac ‘n’ cheese with organic bacon… It’s comfort food, but that deliciously healthy sort that fills you up and does your insides good. I will to remember to treat myself to a few Potage weeks when I’m feeling the strain."  

"Here’s music to our ears. Delicious healthy food delivered to your doorstep with veg from Portobello and you can order on the day. A stroke of genius from local food delivery company Potage which is now two years old. The business is run by Notting Hill’s Georgia Cummings with our favourite chef Clara Paul (used to be chef at Books for Cooks) creating a new menu every day served in delicious pots (hence Pot … age) and cycled to your door. It was started by Cummings with £1,000 and now she has a great website with addictive flying artichokes, you can just click and click, talented chef and delivery team in place who pedal to your home between 11am – 2pm or 5pm – 9pm, just give them half an hour’s notice or longer to be kind. For free delivery you need to order up to £20 worth of goodness so some Potage fans, including Cummings’ grandmother, order several pots of spinach and nutmeg soup and then freeze it. In the future Cummings’ ideal would be: “To have a little shop with a shopfront almost like a kebab house, tiny, where you could collect food or where we deliver from and with a big kitchen behind.” The main customers at the moment are people with children and office workers. Two birthday parties are in the pipeline, one with eight guests and another with 20 and Potage will even make the cake. Favourite dishes are the spinach and nutmeg soup, salmon with quinoa, raw veg pot and Thai green chicken curry. Cummings is also in talks with a publisher, though she needs to understand we don’t want to cook it ourselves… potage"

#44 Interview with Potage founder


An Interview with Georgia


An Interview with Founder of The White Company, Chrissie Rucker

"Best for healthy meals… and cakes: I pop into Cocomaya, in Pavilion Road SW1 for delicious salads with artisan breads, as well as chocolate and pastry treats. I prefer to entertain at home, but don’t always have time to cook, so I cheat. Potage is a brilliant new home delivery service in West London that offers a daily selection of mouthwatering and super-healthy meals. All I have to do is serve them in a great-looking bowl."   



"Notting Hill based Potage will deliver healthy and tasty organic lunch or dinner dishes to your home or office from Monday to Friday. It’s a simple idea and the menu is small and changing. We tried a delicious salad of Salmon, Edamame and Quinoa with mixed sprouts as well as a simple raw salad and a Broad Bean, Orecchiette and Ricotta Salad. All were satisfying, blindingly fresh and bursting with energy and flavour. Side orders include slices of Brie, while there are also hot options designed to be heated up on arrival. Potage is certainly worth a pop."


"Whether you're interested in starting your own business or curious about how POTAGE began, check out Georgia's interview with Escape the City."   

The White Company's founder Chrissie reviews POTAGE on her blog
"Keen to maintain a really healthy diet after last month’s intermittent fasting, I’ve fallen head-over-heels for Potage­ – a wonderful, up-and-coming service that delivers delicious, home-cooked, seasonal pots of food straight to your desk, or door."




Rachel Johnson, Twitter, 2013

"Potage is a total lifesaver and utterly scrummy - the sort of food I would make myself, if I could only face the shopping and the cooking."




"Just six months old, Potage was set up by local foodie Georgia Cummings [...] the lady in question told us about her home-delivered, fast, fresh and simple meals in a pot..."



Alice Fletcher, Not Going Out in This Weather, 2013

"...Homemade food, delivered to your desk for £6.50. What's not to love. The Evening Standard got it right when it descirbed Potage as "the real hearty deal". I couldn't agree more. My All American Mac and Cheese with Bacon was filling, tasty and sizable. Enough to fill me up for lunch and make me think a light dinner will suffice this evening. Admittedly I didn't go for the healthiest option on the menu, if I was being good I would have gone for the Raw Autumn Veg Pot, don't judge me."



"There's something a bit decadent about ordering your lunch and having it arrive at your office in a neat paper bag..."







"Delivering homemade, seasonal pots to your door, Potage is the real hearty deal. Today’s pot was a generous helping of tender chunks of lamb, soft butternut squash with chopped tomatoes and toasted pine nuts. I loved the subtly sweet flavour of the cinnamon, balanced by coriander and garlic. Also in the brown paper bag is a hunk of freshly-baked bread — perfect for mopping up the last juices."