Your Feedback


“Thanks Georgia, definitely will be using this in the future for meetings and lunch! Just had your grilled tuna and wild rice salad - was unbelievable!” Jessica Becker

"Those brownies last night were absolutely DELIGHTFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Claire

"Thanks for the lunch delivery, the food is delicious, big hit! :)" Szabina

"What can I tell you that you have not heard before? Our first breakfast was quite simply, exquisite. Everything from the ordering process, communication, delivery, presentation to flavor. Victoria’s beautiful illustrations make the ordinary plastic container look attractive!

 We had great feedback from the attendees and were able to sample some items, too. This was truly different from the breakfasts we typically provide. Loved the little touches, such as the mint & lime in the fruit salad. Well done, Potage – so glad your flyer rolled in and made us aware of you." Anja

"The lunch was fantastic thank you! Everyone commented on how much they enjoyed it, really tasty – and decent portion sizes – very important!! Will definitely be in touch when we have our next meeting." Harriet

 "Thanks so much for our delivery! Had such amazing feedback, I did not receive one bad comment. I was told it was one of the best team lunches we have ever had! So I will be certainly ordering from you again!!"

"Our lunch was a massive success. It's so nice to have an easy option like this to share with everyone." Jack

"We so enjoyed our first Potage meal: the Tuna and avocado and rice salad was delicious:we will be back very soon!" Rosamund

"Fantastic food last night. Perfect for book club supper. Everyone loved it!" Caroline

"The falafel went down incredibly well, as did the salmon, and the cauliflower salad was gorgeous. The girls also LOVED the brownies!" Lauren

"Thanks Georgia, definitely will be using this in the future for meetings and lunch! Just had your grilled tuna and wild rice salad - was unbelievable!" Jess

"I just wanted to follow up and say that was probably one of the best lunches we have ever had.  I have only had positive feedback.  The presentation was amazing. I have to admit I did over order, your portion size is generous.  Hopefully none will go to waste and today’s leftovers will be eaten tomorrow." Louise

"But seriously I'm so in love with Potage! It is so fresh and delicious, even more so than I had remembered. That hand written label on the bag, the illustrated heating instructions, the delivery dude was a cool dude too. The whole experience is amazing - like such a little perk for the day and so homey feeling, almost like someone is looking after you, no sterile nonsense anymore - you've nailed it! I couldn't be a bigger fan." Imogen
"Please tell Georgia we LOVED our lunch. My wife said this is the type of food we should be eating all the time! The bread was amazing too." Simon 
"Just wanted to let you know that we received your delivery, and honestly your brownies are the most delicious brownies I've ever tasted in my life. I'm not even a big brownie fan but I've had to hide them away for the time being. And such a lovely idea for a treat-I think you will become my go-to special occasion delivery for next year, my friends will love it as much as I did for sure!" Sara
"Today I had the privilege of trying Potage. You should know that the firm LOVED the food! I'm sure you'll hear more from Louise, but never before have I seen so many people in the kitchen, and literally everyone was raving about the food." Shalini
"THAT was delicious and I have never felt so chilled minutes before everyone arrived.  Thank you SO much.  Everything was delicious and what brownies!  So huge thanks." Georgie  
"Just a note to thank you so much for the brownies and carrot cake for our wedding!!! I cannot tell you what a stir the brownies caused..... Everyone was going nuts for them!!! Thank you for helping us coordinate the pick up and please thank your kitchen assistant for going out of his way for us." Sophie
"Healthy variety every day without the headache of having to think - love it." Sarah
"I've decided I'm going to give up cooking. As well as two pots tonight I'd like two of your Ham hock and split pea pots next Sunday. All my favourites, and I don't need to cook them." Christine
"Fact: best. Brownie. EVER. I may have eaten half of it before my meal! " Christiane
"That was REALLY lovely and it was... very very very good. and so tasty! YUMMMMMM. The 'Love" Pot was the perfect size, deliciously rich and that foccacia was SO good. All round - DELISH. We will be ordering again." George
"Hi Georgia, we loved our order last week. The beef and barley was even good for my one year old who enjoyed it. Looking forward to trying the other recipes. All the best, Susan"

 "I love it because I can eat healthily, as soon as I get back from work, have automatic portion control, get variety, don’t have to cook and don’t have to wash up! I even ordered an extra pot on my last order to take into work for lunch the following day. Brilliant - P P P Pick up a POTAGE!" Oli

"Potage is a total lifesaver and utterly scrummy - the sort of food I would make myself, if I could only face the shopping and the cooking." Rachel

"My favourite thing about POTAGE is that I never have to think about what I want but I always get something different" Brian

"I must tell you your brownies were the star of the night, eclipsing even the fireworks!! They are seriously delicious" Rebecca  

"What a delicious lunch, tasty, filling and healthy! Enjoyed today for the first time with my colleague, I think a new Friday lunch special, will spread the word at Tom Dixon, so glad you deliver here. A great discovering and loving the fact it was delivered by bicycle!" Nathalie

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Sophie

"Dear Georgia, I had a chicken and rice soup, and normally I'm a very fussy eater with chicken and rice not particularly being two of my favourite foods... But I finished it all in about 10 minutes, including brownie and the sea salt focaccia. It was absolutely delicious, I'll never need another dominos again!" Tom

"Roll on lunchtime... parsnip and smoked haddock soup and chunk of fresh bread from Potage! Yum!!!" Laura 

   "Do you deliver to Edinburgh? I want an all American mac n cheese pot!" Ned

"what a TRIUMPH your lovely pot was! Everyone thought it was delicious, and asked if it was homemade, to which I answered truthfully “Absolutely… well, somebody’s home…" I have passed your website to them all so hopefully you’ll be getting a few more orders before Christmas. Not least from me." Arabella 

"I loved the green curry chicken. Perfect portion size. Real chicken and hot but not too hot!  The brownie was from another planet good.  Perfect amount of moisture - melt in mouth. Wow. (I only had one because I had to leave for airport but I would have had more). I would be shocked if there are any left at the time of writing." Nicholas

"I order meals from you for my two daughters as a treat every now and then, especially when they're busy. They love getting your meals and I love being able to order online and your free delivery over £30 and being able to order at quite short notice anywhere in London where they both work is great. Your meals always look really nutritious and appetising to me."