Free delivery on orders over £50* Choose 2hr delivery slot at checkout, Monday to Friday 6am - 8pm.




When do I need to order?

  • Orders can be placed on demand (same day delivery) or in advance (up to 3 weeks ahead)
  • Order online or over the phone 0207 498 5759 

What time do we deliver?

  • We deliver Monday to Friday 7am - 7pm
  • Choose a 1 hr delivery slot at checkout
  • If you'd like a weekend delivery give us a call

    What is the delivery cost?

    • We offer FREE delivery on orders over £50 (Please note the minimum order for free delivery varies for some postcodes)
    • Check the minimum order for FREE delivery to your postcode on our homepage

    How does the food arrive?

    • All our meals are delivered chilled
    • The salads are ready to eat and hot pots can go straight into an oven or microwave to be heated in a couple minutes