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Mini Doughnut Bites (48 hrs notice)

A box of 15 freshly made Mini Doughnut Bites made by Crosstown. The doughnuts are freshly made each morning with homemade jams, custards, glazes & toppings. In this box enjoy a mixture of their classic Raspberry Jam and Chocolate Truffle and Sea Salt Caramel Banana. The doughnuts are all freshly made to order so we kindly ask for 48 hours notice on all orders.


RASPBERRY JAM - Fresh raspberry home style jam from scratch. While still warm, they are rolled in caster sugar and dipped in sweet, freeze-dried raspberries to seal in the jammy goodness.

CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE - The chocolate truffle doughnut combines milk and dark chocolate to create the ultimate chocolate doughnut. It is filled with decadent milk chocolate truffle mousse and topped with a generous smothering of dark chocolate ganache. To top it all off, we lightly dust the doughnut with bittersweet cocoa powder.

SEA SALT CARAMEL BANANA - A winning combination of sweet, silky, fresh banana custard filling encased in Crosstown’s light and fluffy chocolate sourdough. We then top it all off with a generous swirl of sea salt caramel and a home made chocolate soil.

Ready to eat in a large sharing box.