The 8 best food delivery services in the UK

"Feeling a little full of festive fun? If the "new year, new you" mantra is echoing in your ears, but either your culinary talents or non-existent organisational skills are holding you back from embracing healthy living, there are a host of companies out there literally rushing to your rescue. We reviewed the best healthy food delivery services out there, promising you feel-good food, fuss-free.

What’s the deal? Meals or “pots” delivered to your home or your desk, ordered in advance or on the day (same-day lunch orders before 10am and evening orders before 4pm), regularly or spontaneously.

Where do they deliver? Unfortunately, Potage is just a London thing at the moment, but watch that space.

How good is the food? Very good indeed. Potage’s focus is less on dieting, but eating fresh and eating well. All meals are made to order from scratch with seasonal ingredients, with all meat supplied by a single independent butchers and all veggies fresh from New Covent Garden market every morning. The result is a high quality meal, as fresh as it comes. There’s not a wilted salad leaf in sight in their gorgeously crunchy chickpea falafel mezze salad, their side pots are perfect as a filling and culinarily exciting snack (courgetti with feta, mint and chilli is our tip) and their hot meals make for an above-average microwaveable meal that tastes homemade.

How healthy do you feel? Well it depends what you order – if you put in a regular delivery of their cookie dough and sausage rolls probably not that healthy. There are plenty of healthy options, but some naughty treats too. Potage are in it for quality rather that calories (or lack of), and if you go for their salads you’re getting the best. Eating well without the processed muck is the goal, not obsessing over numbers.

How much does it cost? All this quality costs, with mains starting at £8.

Who does Potage work for? On the go professionals in it for a long term healthy diet, who want homemade-tasting meals without the fuss."


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