The Violet Bakery

The Violet Bakery café in East London

Claire Ptak, founder of The Violet Bakery, has always been a huge inspiration to me - starting her East London bakery as a market stall, cooking from home, on Broadway Market before opening the café in 2010. Claire started as a pastry chef at Chez Panisse and today runs The Violet Bakery-café as well as being a food writer, food and prop stylist, recipe developer and consultant.

Clair Ptak, founder of The Violet Bakery

All of the Violet Bakery cakes are baked with organic flour, sugar, milk and eggs. Many of the other ingredients are organic as well, like our Madagascan vanilla pods and pure cane molasses. Limited edition buttercream icings adorn birthday cakes, cupcakes, and fill whoopie pies and biscuits, and change with the seasons. They are made by whipping up butter and sugar then gently folding in fresh fruit purees, melted Valrhona dark chocolate, freshly brewed espresso, home-made flower cordials or dark caramel made with sea salt. If you are in London it's definitely worth a visit, find the bakery opening times and address online.

If you enjoy baking at home The Violet Bakery cookbook is a must, we also recommend tuning in to Claire's brilliant podcast Violet Sessions for great some culinary stories and inspiration. Each week Claire chats with interesting women who do incredible things, exploring culture, creativity, work and lifestyle. The podcast was started in an effort to get to know a little more about some of the amazing women who walk through the door at Violet every day.