2011 (and before): How & why I started by our founder Georgia

After a couple of requests to share news I've decided to start writing a blog that talks about what we are up to. I delivered the first potage in 2012 so the first few posts will bring you up to date with where we are today. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have working on it over the last four years.
I'd also like to thank anyone reading this. I have been so lucky to have met so many incredibly kind people who've helped inspire us along the way and our success is entirely thanks to the remarkable combination of you all - our family, friends and followers. If you have any questions or feedback, I'd love to hear from you.

2011 (and before)

"Success is about being vitally engaged in something worthwhile, making a difference for the better, and having fun while you’re at it." Luke Johnson

I've always loved the way food brings people together. As a child, growing up at home, we always sat around a table together to eat, whether it was a quick breakfast before school or Sunday lunch with friends and family. Whatever the meal, whoever was in the house at the time got involved either helping to lay the table, peel vegetables or wash up. 

1996, a Victoria sponge for my dad's birthday

After leaving school I trained for 3 months at Ballymaloe Cookery School. The school is on an organic farm in Ireland and run by one of the leaders in the Slow Food movement Darina Allen. I spent the rest of the year working on farms and as a chef around Europe before starting at Bristol University. For whatever reason I never did well at University (I was very nearly kicked out after my second year) but what I got from the experience was time to start little projects. The most successful was a competition organised by Ernst & Young. They gave me £500 capital to start a business and make as much money as possible in an academic year for the Prince's Trust. I organised a national art competition and raised £25,000 for the charity. 

2005, working as a chef at Berghaus Alpenrösli in Switzerland

After graduating I worked at The White Company for two years. It was an amazing experience; I started on the shop floor for a few months before moving into Head Office and spending time in a number of different departments. In October 2011 I went for a  walk with my brother around Hyde Park with me and it was when we stopped for a simple autumn stew and chunk of bread at the Serpentine Cafe that I had the idea for potage.


2012, original potage logo & a supper club to test recipes

Whilst still working I spent any spare time over the next year writing a business plan, talking to people, testing recipes, collecting packaging samples, thinking about logistics and slowly creating a brand until it was finally time to get on my bicycle. I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into but kept Luke Johnson's quote (above) in mind.

To start potage I had £1,000 savings, which I spent on a second hand copper soup kettle, trade marking the logo and the first few boxes of packaging and ingredients. My dad came up with the name 'potage' and my mum made the mistake of saying I could use her kitchen for 2 months (three years later we were still there and people had to climb over cardboard boxes of packaging to get into the house). 



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