The Neuroscience of stress and wellness series by Dr Safia Debar

On the first Monday of each month - starting Monday 6th July - Dr Safia Debar is launching a series of free talks that aim to distill down some of the latest evidence base on stress management, positive psychology, mindfulness and neuroplasticity. The talks will cover relaxation techniques, the neuroscience of stress, the neuroscience of connection, relationships, attachment theory, mindfulness, meditation and lots more.

Dr Safia Debar is a private GP with an interest in Stress Management and Neuroplasticty. She is the only doctor in the UK who runs the Harvard Stress Management and Resiliency Training (SMART) course. She set up RQ wellness as the traditional medical model of care wasn't enough and she wanted to adopt an integrative hollistic approach to health. By learning about your brain, how it works best and how to manage your mind you will be able to create an authentic way of living, thinking and being.

See the schedule of talks below with links to sign up.

Dates and Schedule 2020-21:  Mondays 8-9pm GMT Zoom