The Brilliant Breakfast #ChangeAGirlsLife 

On Tuesday 13th October 2020 join women around the country to launch an exciting and urgently needed new initiative called The Brilliant Breakfast.  

As an ambassador of The Prince’s Trust, Women Supporting Women Campaign our Founder Georgia has spent time in a local centre to see first hand how truly life- changing their work is. Our team has also welcomed apprentices to our kitchens and committed to raising money to support the campaign.

The goal is to make it possible for more young women to receive help to nurture, inspire and empower them to move forward and build their own brighter futures.  To re-build lost confidence and help them into a job, further training or self-employment. 

Through my business and personal life, I know I would not be here today without the incredible love and support I have received along the way from so many people who believed in me. The young women we help simply don’t have this.  They face enormous challenges and often alone.  Yet it’s truly incredible to see what they can achieve with a little bit of the right help at the right time. 

The Brilliant Breakfast mission is to inspire and invite women from all over the country to get together for breakfast to raise money for The Prince's Trust's Women Supporting Women initiative. 

If you don't have time to organise a breakfast with friends there are some amazing digital talks happening too. I've signed up to watch Chrissie Rucker Founder of The White Company share her amazing story and hear how she has built her business from a group email to friends & family into the iconic British brand, loved by us all.  

With enough Brilliant Breakfasts happening up and down the country together we can make a big difference. No donation is too small. 

• £5: could pay for a reading module towards an English qualification for 1 young woman

• £10: could teach 1 young woman how to manage their money with a day-long budgeting session

• £25: could help 1 isolated young woman travel to a 2-week course that will help them gain work experience

• £50: could ensure 1 young woman can travel to work in the month before their first paycheque

• £100: could buy the equipment that opens up a lifelong career for 1 young woman on the margins of society - for example to become a chef, a hairdresser, a nail technician

• £250: could provide 1 young woman with the freedom to explore their business idea through a 'will it work' grant

• £500: could unlock 1 young woman's confidence on a 12-week personal development course which builds practical and emotional skill to take that next step into work, education or training

• £1,000: could give 5 young women struggling to make ends meet during Covid-19 the laptops they need to further their education

• £5,000: could re-build the confidence and inspire 7 young women from the margins of society on a life-changing residential week

• £10,000: could give 100 young women the equipment that opens up a lifelong career to help them and their families.

Thank you for your support.