9 Healthy food delivery services to eat well & lose weight when you're busy AF 


It’s easy to say you’re going to eat healthily but doing it when you're 'so busy you can't even' is a different matter. Say, when you have a wedding coming up or you're forever working late.

You tell your mates - and anyone who'll listen - that you're starting a healthy new food plan because you've got X, Y or Z coming up but the reality is, by day three you haven't meal prepped and subsequently end up gorging on vending machine snacks. 

Rather than stress yourself out more, or beat yourself up for that matter, let a healthy food delivery service help. They omit the faff from eating well and most have on-site nutritionists to ensure low-cal meals are still high in nutrition. 

Plus, you don't even need to be in for delivery. Most services arrive during the night and provide a full day's worth of food. All you need to do is unpack the contents and nom it on the right days. 

They're not cheap mind, but if you're the woman who regularly buys a fridge-full of whacky foods that you don't eat then these could actually be more economical.

And, what’s more, there’s now an expertly curated diet delivery food plan for all health tribes. If you’ve been tempted by veganuary but don’t know your tempeh from your tofu, order a 3-day plant-based package. Or, keen to get lean but worried about biting off more than you can chew? Well, there is more than one food delivery service that will do the arduous task of meal prepping your macros.

Simply put, healthy food delivery used to be luxury but thanks to the healthy competition you have to fork out less and less. 

Keep reading for the WH crib sheet to meal delivery service.


Started as a one-woman bicycle delivery service back in 2012 by Georgia Cummings, Potage is a homegrown business that has truly been built from the ground up. For those who don't have time, Georgia and a team of ten deliver homemade meals made using only top quality, fresh ingredients — to save you from the meal prep.


The food focus is on using wholesome and locally sourced ingredients rather than weight loss. Vegetables come fresh from New Covent Garden market every morning and all the meat is supplied by Georgia's local butchers. Lunches include seared tuna, grainy mustard new potatoes, avocado & a soft boiled egg, free range Welsh chicken satay with fresh coriander, cucumber & sticky sushi rice salad and hot-smoked salmon, guacamole & brown rice salad with sweet chili dressing. Try not to drool...


You'll need cutlery and napkins on hand. As part of their environmentally friendly ethos, Potage use minimal packaging and no plastic. Their salad boxes are made from plants rather than plastic and so are fully compostable, and all delivery bags are recyclable and compostable. And none of it compromises presentation. Pretty cool, right?


From £8, potage.co.uk


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