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Best Gift For Newborn Babies

With the arrival of a new royal prince on Monday, we’re all thinking about babies. Knowing what to give a newborn can be a challenge – especially if you don’t have children yourself. Here new mother Chiara Brand shares the gifts she’d put at the top of her wish-list:

5. Home Cooking

The ultimate gift you can give the parents of newborns is food – best of all make them something yourself. Failing that a delivery from Potage is most welcome, as well as the proper homemade meals like spag bol, their snack size fruit salad pots and mini chocolate brownies are ideal for a mid-feed sugar kick. A Cook voucher is also great and their delicious meals are a lifesaver to have stocked in the freezer. Cosy comfort food that’s easy to prepare is what’s needed in the initial weeks.

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