A more sustainable 2019 

Happy new year!

I hope you managed to enjoy some time off over the holidays. Our whole team have been off and we're really excited to be back with some delicious new recipes to get you off to a healthy start to 2019.

I'm really excited to share that our team focus this year is on sustainability, specifically:

1) Seasonal, responsibly sourced ingredients. Whenever possible we source ingredients locally. Our fruit and veg is delivered in reusable crates (never wrapped in plastic) and our meat is from an independent, family run butcher that source their meat from small, passionate British farmers, who use traditional, free-range farming methods and organic feed. 

2) Less packaging with no single use plastic. All our packaging is made from either plants or 100% recycled or recyclable plastic. The only piece of packaging in our range that's currently not 100% recyclable or compostable is the plastic film on our hot pots and we're working hard to find an alternative.

3) Zero food waste. All our meals are made to order so we have virtually zero waste and whatever is left we sit down and enjoy for lunch as a team.