Our Suppliers 

We use the finest - wherever possible British - seasonal produce from ethical suppliers. Our meat and eggs are from small, passionate British farmers, who use traditional, free-range farming methods and are free from antibiotics or hormones.


Our Chickens are Red Tractor, high welfare from Yorkshire. Happy hens with plenty of room to roam. The only difference between free range chicken and our chicken is the free range chicken huts have the door open.


Our beef is Aberdeen Angus cross reared near the Ayrshire coast in Scotland. It is handpicked from a selection of farms to meet our exacting standards which include a high marbling content and good fat covering. The cattle are outside on the grass for most of the year and indoors in spacious barns during the harsher winter months with straw bedding. When they are indoors they are fed on home-grown haylage. We dry age our prime cuts of beef on the bone in our specially designed cool rooms for a minimum of 30 days. We often have in rare breeds such as Dexter, Hereford, Ruby Red, Longhorn, White Park from select farms across the UK.


All the pigs are reared in a completely free range environment, in the South Downs. It is London’s most local producer of quality, free range pork. The pigs are a Duroc/Hampshire cross, these breeds confer great qualities on the pork making it succulent and tender.  Importantly, these pigs can also withstand the heat of a summer’s day and cold winter nights outside.


Our fish is from the South Coast and Peterhead in Scotland to offer a full range of British caught species.

    Fruit & Veg 

    Each of our dishes now contain five different, seasonal whenever possible, veg because we know how important they are in contributing to a good diet. Our veg are LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) and Red Tractor accredited and hand- picked and hand-packed by small independent UK growers.

    If you have any questions please get in touch, we'd be happy to answer.