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The Joy of Running & 5 tips on how to get started by Adventure Ferg

Adventure Ferg blog

Our friend Adventure Ferg headed to Southwest Portugal to run 120km along one of the world's best coastal trails, the beautiful Rota Vicentina.

Read his full account of the trip and other adventures on his blog or if like us you're just getting started, he's put together 5 tips.

1) Get a good pair of trainers. 

2) Have a weekly plan, say two or three runs a week before or after work even if it's just for 15 minutes.

3) Decide how long or how far you're going to run before you start. There's no need to be overly ambitious.

4) Don't forget to stretch, ideally before and after.

5) Sign up to a challenge to help motivate yourself to improve and work towards a goal.