MAKING A MEAL OF IT with Hoste London 

We've been delivering delicious food to Londoners for nearly 10 years with a goal to bring people together to enjoy delicious food. Many of you will have seen Hoste London's founder Laura Jackson brilliant initiative to encourage us all to #makeamealofit but we loved it so much we wanted to share it with anyone who might have missed it. Make sure you are signed up to the Hoste London newsletter so you don't another.

Laura's tips below on how to #makeamealofit

"For those of you following us on Instagram (if you’re not, where are you hiding?!) you’ll know that we love to #makeamealofit. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but laying the table once a day for breakfast, lunch or dinner has really helped us structure our days and given us something forward to, even if we’re serving the simplest of meals (beans on toast, anyone?)

Ideas for how to make a meal of it:

  • Lay the table! Whether you’re having a pizza from the supermarket, a locally reared piece of beef or veg lasagna, it’s no real effort to polish the napkin rings and iron the napkins.
  • Host a virtual supperclub with friends. Online invites and cards are BACK. We are loving personalised online invites from Romeo + Jules and of course Paperless Post.
  • Make an effort to dress up, whether that’s dressing up for FaceTime with Auntie Sue, putting on a frock for a Friday night virtual pub quiz, or getting that tux out the back of the wardrobe for dinner - make an effort - you will feel great!
  • Set yourself a bit of a schedule, even if it’s as simple as lunch around 1pm and dinner at 7.30pm - nothing too militant, but you will feel your WFH day has a bit more order.

    If you’re opting for a shared meal with friends or family over the net, here are our top 5 ways to stay connected:

    1. Whatsapp call: family time aka grandma and grandad with their finger over the camera.
    2. Facetime: the one to one wine-time meeting.
    3. Zoom: a more professional set up but if someone has a business account you can get at least 20 people together.
    4. Google Hangout: around 10 people is the perfect number on here for a virtual pub quiz (or pub lunch?!)
    5. House party: the perfect place to have just that - a house party. 8 people max. Don’t forget to ‘lock’ the room.

      We’d love to see your #makeamealofit creations on Instagram."