5 minutes with Willow Crossley 

Willow Crossley, Florist

We caught up with Willow Crossley. Based in the Oxfordshire countryside, Willow is a floral stylist, creating wild and whimsical arrangements full of colour, pattern and movement. 

1. My style dish is roast chicken

2. As a rule I don’t wear black

3. The most underrated ingredient Greek yoghurt. Its the BEST pudding with just honey or brown sugar sprinkled onto. 

The Bull Inn, Charlbury

4. The last place I ate and loved The Bull Burger at The Bull Inn in Charlbury.  

5. My favourite utensil Magimix.

6. The last thing I bought and loved My tartan blanket coat from Grace Wears. And new makeup from Charlotte Tilbury and Trish McEvoy

7. The habit I enjoy most Cosy time. Tea and cake every day at 5pm.

8. My favourite smell The seaside. Lily of the valley. Diptyque L’ombre dans Leau. Roast chicken.

9. I've recently discovered how to use Excel. It makes me feel quite professional. 

10. The best piece of cooking advice I was ever given Adding a squeeze of lemon can totally transform so many dishes. 

11. The best piece of business advice I was ever given Ooh I don’t know.  Id like some actually.  If anyone wants to give me some id be very grateful!

12. I am very bad at being patient.

13. The moment that everything changed for me When I got my first book deal in 2012. 

14. My favourite kitchen Ours at home. Or theres one at Gleneagles hotel in Scotland that im mad about

15. The best books I've read in the past year Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens and American Dirt by Jeanine Cumming. 

16. The last music I downloaded Roses by Saint John and Pon de Replay by Rhiannna.

17. If I weren't doing what I do id be a midwife 

18. To de-stress I walk

19. This year I've really come to appreciate Apple Gin