5 minutes with Laura Jackson 


First up in our new series of '5 minutes with...' is the amazing Laura Jackson who I met last year onboard the Belmond's British Pullman for a Christmas press lunch. Laura is a British TV Broadcaster and Founder of hoste.London who throughout lockdown inspired us all to #makeamealofit.

My style dish is a Zuni Chicken Salad
As a rule don't start drinking before cooking
The most underrated ingredient an olive
The last place I ate and loved Rochelle Canteen
My favourite utensil a spatula
The last thing I bought and loved was a really good bottle of wine from Top Cuvée
The habit I enjoy most eating too much
My favourite smell at the moment is lavender
I've recently discovered I still hate eggs
The most useful piece of cooking advice I was ever given is to always salt
The best piece of business advice I was ever given work hard and be kind
I am very bad at maths
The moment that everything changed for me when I met my husband
My favourite kitchen very hard one, but i have always loved Olatz Schnabels
Olatz Schnabels kitchen
The best books I've read in the past year conde nast traveller :)
The last music I downloaded was Tom vek
If I weren't doing what I do I would still be running around like a blue arse fly, i like being busy
To de-stress margaritas with the girls
This year I've really come to appreciate EVERYTHING