An interview with our Illustrator

Our illustrator, Victoria van Holthe, was the first person that came to work with me during her university holidays in 2012. She helped with everything from the cooking, to delivering and working on our market stall. One quiet afternoon she offered to do some drawings and afterwards we started playing around with them on all our branding. I now can't imagine the business without them. 
Describe your typical day? 
I wake up at 7am, and go to my gym in Waterloo to do an exercise class, I like changing it doing anything from Spinning, Circuits and Yoga but my favourite is Thursday Vinysa Yoga! I then shower and head to the office where I eat a bowl of porridge at my desk and check my emails. I then spend the day with my business partner Tansy and we try everything and anything to make our Jewellery brand (Tada & Toy) work! Each day is different which keeps us busy and engaged which I love. In the evenings I love to see my friends and if I have time go to my studio to do some painting. I love to be in bed around 11pm but normally end up going to sleep around 12pm.
What's in your fridge?
I hardly have time to cook so if i lived on my own it would be a pretty sad sight but I am lucky to be living with my brilliant sister who works in food and loves cooking so its full to the brim with delicious ingredients and her yummy creations. She is an amazing chef. 
What are your 10 kitchen cupboard essentials?
Loads of HerbalTea 
Brown Rice
Peanut Butter
Rye Bread 
Dark Chocolate 
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
Balsamic Vinegar 
Is there anything you don't like?
Raw onions and Parsley 
Ideal Sunday lunch?
A huge brunch type spread with all my friends around a round table... Avocado, smoked salmon on toasted Rye Bread....freshly squeezed orange juice, fresh fruit, smoothies,Bran Muffins, big mixed salads...I love sharing food so bite sized portions of lots of different things... 
One cooking tip?
Keep it clean and simple, try to always buy organic and never overcook vegetables, keep the crunch! 
The utensil you use the most in the kitchen?
The that a utensil? A wooden spoon if not... 
Victoria wearing a piece from her own jewellery brand Tada & Toy 
Favourite places to eat? 
Como Lario (A family favourite - Italian) 
The Swedish Bakery for coffee and cinnamon rolls 
The South Bank Market or any market... for a weekend lunch Eat Tokyo 
Your Favourite cookery author and book?
Fresh, Happy, Healthy - Jane Coxwell 
Your best dining experience?
Eating sashimi from a freshly caught tuna in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. 
Favourite quote? 
Oscar Wilde: 'Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.'
Your ultimate holiday? 
Summer in Sweden on an island in the middle of nowhere, without wifi and phone reception by the sea and in the sun with my friends and family. 
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