17 best fresh food boxes delivered in London: eat well at home 

"Whether you want a fresh fruit and veg box, a recipe ingredient box or a healthy ready meal for one, we've got you covered.  


Potage have been cycling eco-friendly, ethically sourced grub since 2012, before it was 'trendy' to do so.

And finally, fully pre-made ready meals. Not all days are born equal, and neither are ready meals. At Foodism, we're fans of cooking from scratch, spending time in the kitchen and learning new skills over a stove but also understand more than most that some days, that just isn't an option. Enter stage right Potage, a start up run by Georgia Cummings who's been delivering fresh-as-anything handmade meals daily with a sustainable foot forward since 2012. Choose what you'd like delivered, be it desk breakfast, a corporate lunch for colleagues or a hot pot to greet you at home for supper, and you're good to go. No wasteful packaging, a focus on sharing boxes to minimise even compostable packaging and locally sourced ingredients means their hot meals, salad boxes and sweet treats are eco-friendly and seriously tasty, good for the planet andgood for you. If that's not enough to persuade you, their brownie bites are enough to make you order again and again. You heard it here first."

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