12 Questions with Cheesemonger Rhuardiah and founder of Buchanans

All our cheese is from Buchanans on Porchester Place. Rhuardiah opened the shop after 10 years working in the industry. If you're nearby we highly recommend a visit, there's a small table where you can have a delicious grilled cheese sandwich.
Alice behind the Buchananas counter
How did you get into cheese? 
I have always loved good food and was a restaurant manager until I took a job at Paxton & Whitfield Cheesemongers, I have never really looked back and that was almost 10 years ago. I love it, the cheese industry is so welcoming and inclusive plus I still get to work with the top chefs in town.
Tell us about Buchanan's wallpaper print (the same print the cheese is wrapped in)?
I wanted the shop to have a fresh and contemporary feel rather than the more traditional look. I took some photos of the blue veining in Roquefort and had them blown up into a repeat pattern. I then had the paper hand silk screened in Walthamstow. We get loads of comments on it.
What 3 cheeses would be on a relaxed Sunday lunch cheeseboard at home?
Mrs Kirkhams Lancashire, Golden Cross goats and Cornish Blue. A good hearty traditional English selection.
What 3 cheeses would you serve after dinner with friends?
I am loving a soft goats from Shropshire called Capra Nouveau at the moment. I think I would pair it with with a slice of ewe's milk Blue de Basques and a wedge of something classic like a Comte, I think it its best at about 18 months.
What cheese do you always keep at home?
A nice chunk of Beaufort, milky, sweet and full of flavour from the Alps. It's also my wives favourite!
How do you recommend people store cheese?
Wrap the cheese in wax or greased proof paper as it lets it breathe. If you have a cellar then this is perfect, we store the cheese at about 12 degrees. If not a cardboard box in the fridge will work. Just bring the cheese out to warm up before serving.
Do you have any good cheese jokes?
I Camembert it when people ask me that!
Rhuardiah in the Buchananas maturing room     
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