Welcome to a new way of eating

There's a massive trend in the US to order food in and as a result they are way ahead of us with delicious, healthy food delivery services. People are familiar with the concept of 'healthy' food delivered whereas in the UK the majority are stuck in thinking of on demand takeaway as limited to greasy, unhealthy options. The reason being that until recently consumers in the UK have had a limited choice of healthy and tasty takeaway food that is compatible with a time-poor lifestyle, despite the growing awareness of the dramatic consequences of a poor diet and people having increasingly less time to spare.

Our goal at Potage is to change that and introduce people in London to a new way of eating. We deliver nourishing, handmade meals to our customer’s desk or door - it's real food delivered. 

I started the business with £1,000 in October 2012 and spent the first year cooking in my mum's kitchen, delivering on my bicycle and doing a stall outside Books for Cooks on Portobello Road. Today we deliver to hundreds of offices and homes across Central London.

We'd love your help spreading the word,

Georgia & The Potage Team





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