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10 tips for anyone that's interested in improving how they recycle


Our team focus this year is on sustainability and we wanted to share 10 tips for anyone that's interested in improving how they recycle. If you'd like to read more about what else we're doing this year as a company, have a look at our recent blog post 'A more sustainable 2019'.

10 tips for anyone that's interested in improving how they recycle

  1. What you can actually put in your recycling bin depends on your council area. There are some great apps such as Bin-ovation which tell you what items can go in your bins.
  1. Have a dedicated box, bin or bag for items to be recycled with a clear sign on it advising which items can and cannot go into it. Always check packaging labels as they often tell you whether it can be recycled or not. You can find how to recycle all our products online.
  1. Always wash out plastic containers and other packaging before recycling them. If you don’t clean items for recycling, you risk contaminating the entire recycling load (not just your items) resulting in the load being diverted to landfill.
  1. Plastic bags can be recycled but don’t put them in your recycling bin – bring them to the supermarket where there is normally a specialist bin for them.
  1. Be aware of your bins, particularly if they are getting full or if the weather is bad. If the content of your bin end up coming out they can litter the streets and cause harm to wildlife and the environment.
  1. Glass can be recycled endlessly. Glass doesn’t wear out after being recycled so always make sure you recycle glass bottles and containers. Try getting your weekly pint of milk delivered in a glass bottle by Milk & More, every time they deliver they take back your empty bottle to reuse. 
  1. Before you dispose of anything, consider if it could be repaired or useful to someone else. Could you donate it to a charity shop or give it to someone else?
  1. Consider swaps you could make to reduce your waste – for example could you switch to a shampoo bar rather than buying plastic bottles? We love all the handcrafted, organic skincare products by Savon Stories.
  1. Shop smarter to reduce food waste. Meal planning before doing a shop can help or if you find you throw away a lot of food, try ordering fresh, healthy meals. All our hot pots can be frozen so you can stock up on delicious, handmade meals and heat them up at a time that suits you.  
  1. Recycle batteries but not in your home recycling bin. Batteries can’t be recycled with other packaging as they can cause trouble if left in landfill, leaching chemicals into the soil. Instead, they are super easy to recycle in most major supermarkets and electronics retailers. October is #BringBackHeavyMetal month so there's been no better time to recycle your batteries. To find your nearest battery collection point click here